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Whole House FM

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Our most popular transmitter

You can not buy this FM transmitter
anywhere but on this website.

The SUPER Voyager III FM Bug transmitter is made with the latest surface mount technology


Hear what's going on live on any FM Radio

"How do i use this FM transmitter" you ask?
Well its very easy to use ,place this FM Transmitter in any room in your
house ,garden or anywhere and with any FM radio you can pick up the sound
of people whispering at 30 Feet away !!

 Sounds are amplified over 50 times louder than normal !!

Professionally built and tested


This unit is ideal if you want to hear everything what happens in the distant room.

Ideal for child monitoring ,home security ,in your garden or down your road !


The microphone of the transmitter is real sensitive.


You can tune it anywhere between 88Mhz to 112Mhz in the FM band with Any FM radio and a transmission range
of over 2600ft+ !! depending on walls/interference

We got over 2600ft+ !! transmission range in the open using our car FM radio in testing
or 300ft -1600ft using a handheld FM radio ,transmission range depends on your FM radios sensitivity


It rivals many competitors products selling at many times its price!


One way to get on the radio !


A very small transmitter ONLY 32mm x 15mm !





  Plug and play

This FM transmitter is tuned between 102Mhz and 104Mhz, so no setup is required with this transmitter.
And its very easy to use any FM Frequency from 88Mhz to 112Mhz.





Supply: 9 volts
Current consumption: 9- 16mA at 9v
Battery life: 9v,  25+ hours from a 9v PP3 Alkaline Battery
Battery life: 3v,  650+ hours from 2x AA Duracell Plus 2600Mah batteries (optional)
Tuning range: 88 - 112MHz fine tune by adjusting the air trimmer
Antenna length: 165cm
ONLY 32mm x 15mm in size

This FM transmitter will operate from a PP3 9v Battery ,but will still work fine running
all the way down to 2v !

Very low frequency move from a drop in Battery power=

Frequency: 103.9Mhz at 9v
Frequency: 103.2Mhz at 2v ,Frequency will move only 0.7Mhz.

Current consumption at 9v    = 8-9mA
Current consumption at 3v    = 4.0mA

So if you use 2x AA Duracell Plus 2600Mah batteries
this transmitter will work for over 650 hours running time !
that's about 27+ days of continuous use !

Note: Transmission range will be a lot less when running on 3v ,2x AA Duracell Plus 2600Mah batteries

Note:  (optional) To use 2 AA  batteries you will need a :AA Battery Holder with PP3 Battery Snaps





PLEASE NOTE:  It is your duty to obey the laws of your country.

Some countries do not allow any unlicensed FM transmissions, even short range ones such as these.


To get the maximum range:

If you can , use a sensitive FM radio ,FM radio’s are not all the same ,some are good
at picking up Bug transmitters and some are not very good ,car radios are very good.

The antenna should be stretched out straight and placed either horizontally or vertically.
The receiving antenna must be in the same plane to get the maximum range and both
antennas should be as high as possible. The signal is generally not affected by brick walls
glass or plaster but it will not pass through metal of any kind such as aluminium
foil or metal cladding. Trees can also have an effect due to the amount of moisture they contain.
The signal will also find it difficult to get out of a car and you must place the
antenna near a window but away from the metal frame-work as this will almost totally absorb the signal.

In testing this transmitter we used a car radio ,a simple cheap Blaupunkt car300 radio and got a
transmission range of well over 3300ft !

This transmitter is not a PLL transmitter (phase-locked loop)
so moving the wire antenna will move the frequency just a very little
but with the antenna left in place the frequency will hold rock solid
for hours and days depending on state of battery


This FM transmitter is sold for experimental and laboratory use only.
Their possession and use are limited by laws which vary from country to country.
Please get information about what you can and cannot do in your area and stay within the legal limits.
Make sure you do not become a nuisance to others with your experiments.
We have no responsibility whatsoever for any misuse of your FM transmitter.



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Special offer was 29.98

ONLY 14.99

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PLEASE NOTE:  It is your duty to obey the laws of your country.

Before you order: Please get information about what you can and cannot do when using FM Transmitters in your  country and stay within the legal limits.



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We will replace any device determined to have manufacturer defects within the first 12 months.

*The Warranty guarantees the operation of the product according to manufacturer's specifications when purchased. If the product fails to operate correctly upon first use, a post-paid envelope will be issued for the return of the defective device. All returned devices will be thoroughly examined to determine cause of failure so that we may gather data to produce better products. If it is determined that the unit was not damaged by misuse or negligence, the device will be replaced free of charge.




Items will be shipped to you from our UK office via the stated method of shipping*. The following is a guideline of typical delivery times:

  • USA: 7-14 working days
  • Canada: 7-14 working days
  • Outside North America: 10-14 working days  
  • Asia: 10-16 working days
  • Australia: 10-16 working days
  • Note:  NO delivery to UK or EU

 Sold over 6000! transmitters in the last 3 years ,and you can see why when we sell at this very low price


Please use with your best ethical and legal discretion, as it's designed for educational purposes (no one likes an eavesdropper).

This unit is sold for novelty purposes only and the seller does not recommend or encourage
the end user to use it for anything other than its intended use in your own house.





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